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Audit of working environment follow-up in the Volve project

During the period 14 September to 5 December 2005, we audited the follow-up of working environment conditions related to the Volve development project. Our main impression was that the different players in the project were aware of their obligations and that working environment issues in relation to the project are given considerable attention.

The PSA held meetings with Statoil on 14 September 2005, Maersk Contractors Norge (MCN) and Maersk Copenhagen (MC) on 28 September 2005, and completed its audit with a meeting with Vetco Aibel Billingstad (VA) on 5 December 2005.

About Volve

Location VolveThe Volve oil field lies approximately 200 kilometers west of Stavanger (see map). The area surrounding Volve holds several gas and condensate fields.

None of these fields have an infrastructure which makes it practical to phase-in Volve. Thus, Volve has been planned as a stand-alone development, which entails establishing a facility for oil production in the area.

The oil will be produced from a jack up processing and drilling facility and stored temporarily in ships. The gas is to be sent to the Sleipner A facility for processing and export.

The plan for development and operation was approved by the Crown Prince Regent in council on 22 April 2005.

Background for the audit

The audit is part of our supervision to ensure that the players fulfill their obligations according to the project's governing documents and the preconditions set down in Statoil's approved plan for development and operation (PDO) of the Volve field.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify that the project and the fabrication preparations were in compliance with regulations, ensuring satisfactory working environment conditions.

Furthermore, the audit aimed to investigate whether the different players had established adequate management systems for handling working environment issues related to the different project deliveries.

Result of the audit

Our main impression is that the different players in the project are aware of their obligations and that working environment issues in the project are given considerable attention.

During the audit, we pointed out some matters with improvement potential. These are mainly related to insufficient systems for documenting different analysis processes, including a lack of documentation which shows relevant working environment factors in individual areas having been systematically investigated and brought in line with regulations.

Contact in the PSA:
Mike Theiss