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During the period 27-28 February 2007, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of selected management elements for health, safety and environment (HSE) in REINERTSEN AS in connection with the company's maintenance and modification activities (M&M) in the petroleum activities. During this audit, particular attention was given to activities in connection with the company's contract at Tjeldbergodden. We identified one nonconformity in relation to regulatory requirements during the audit, but our general impression of how REINERTSEN AS manages HSE is good.

The audit was conducted in the form of presentations by REINERTSEN AS on selected topics, interviews of personnel with REINERTSEN Divisjon Installasjon and verification of documents.

Fra Tjeldbergodden (foto: Harald Pettersen, Statoil)

REINERTSEN's assignments include contractor services at Tjeldbergodden (photo: Harald Pettersen, Statoil)

Background for the audit

A large percentage of the people who work in the petroleum activities are employed in contracting companies. The percentage varies from facility to facility, and depends on the type of activities that are carried out. Contractor employees are often involved in the execution stage of the activities, in close proximity to the physical risks involved. At the same time, it is often the operator's (the main company's) management systems and framework conditions that form the basis for these activities.

The audit activity is part of the PSA's effort to focus on contractors in order to achieve a more comprehensive follow-up of all of the players in the petroleum activities.

In 2007, the PSA is prioritizing the companies' and the management's own follow-up, and this audit was based on this prioritization.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to gain insight into REINERTSEN AS' management system for safeguarding health, safety and environment in the petroleum activities, as well as to verify compliance with certain HSE requirements. The audit targeted management elements rather than technical details, and was mainly concentrated on the company's M&M contract at Tjeldbergodden.

Another objective was to illuminate roles and responsibilities in the operator - contractor - subcontractor relationship, to verify that important HSE requirements were safeguarded.

Result of the audit

It is our impression that REINERTSEN AS has an established management system for following up health, safety and environment. It is also our impression that the company cooperates well with operators and subcontractors in the maintenance and modification activities.

The verifications vis-à-vis the Tjeldbergodden contract resulted in a generally good impression of how REINERTSEN AS manages resources and expertise, and how it follows up subcontractors.

During the audit we did identify one nonconformity in relation to regulatory requirements for systematic follow-up of the working environment in the contract with Tjeldbergodden. REINERTSEN itself has identified this issue, and is planning measures for improvement.

Some areas with potential for improvement were also noted. This relates to the process for establishing HSE programs and activity plans, transfer of experience from Divisjon Installasjon to the rest of the company, and clarification of HSE responsibilities and tasks in the line management in the Tjeldbergodden contract.

Reference is otherwise made to Chapter 5 of the report for a more detailed description of the improvement items.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss