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Audit of mooring of Safe Scandinavia at Snorre A

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Statoil and Prosafe on 19 and 20 March 2007. The audit targeted the location-specific assessments made in connection with the planned mooring of the Safe Scandinavia at Snorre A, and the equipment to be used in connection with the mooring.

The audit was related to the processing of Statoil's application to use the Safe Scandinavia as a flotel in connection with upgrades on Snorre A during the period from April to October 2007, and the application from Prosafe for an (AoC) for the Safe Scandinavia.

Background for the audit

The basis for the audit activity is found in the PSA's general objective of supervising how the players manage factors that reduce the risk of major accidents. The planned use of the Safe Scandinavia as a flotel for Snorre A will take place in an area where there is dense infrastructure on the seabed, and the facility will be moored alongside Snorre A. This entails a relatively complex mooring system with many different components.

Safe Scandinavia (foto: Prosafe)

Safe Scandinavia (Source: Prosafe)

A similar audit was carried out vis-à-vis Statoil and Prosafe in 2004 when the Safe Scandinavia was used as a flotel at Sleipner. This audit uncovered some deficiencies in how the mooring operation was planned.

Based on an overall evaluation of the complexity of the planned mooring operation and experience gained in previous audits of the same players, a decision was made to conduct audits of both Statoil and Prosafe.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to ensure that Statoil conducts the location-specific assessments in accordance with the regulations, and that the technical condition of the mooring system on the Safe Scandinavia complies with the regulations. Another objective was to evaluate whether the experience gained in previous similar audits of the same players has led to changes in how Statoil and Prosafe carry out the location-specific evaluations in connection with mooring of the Safe Scandinavia.

Result of the audit

Our impression subsequent to the audit is that Statoil and Prosafe have done thorough and good preliminary work in connection with the mooring of the Safe Scandinavia at Snorre A. We note a definite improvement since the last similar audit was carried out.

However, we have identified two nonconformities in relation to regulatory requirements as regards mooring winch calibration and holding power of the brake on the mooring winch. We have also identified six items where there is room for improvement.

The responsible party (Statoil or Prosafe) is indicated in parentheses in the heading of each section of the audit report.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss