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Audit of maintenance management, technical safety and electrical systems on Bredford Dolphin

During the period 24-25 April 2007, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted verification activities on board the Bredford Dolphin drilling facility, which was at a shipyard in Gdansk for necessary modification and upgrades. The activities were aimed at factors linked to maintenance management, technical safety and electrical systems.

The activities were carried out by means of document reviews, conversations and verifications on board the facility.

Background for the audit

The Bredford Dolphin is a semi-submersible drilling facility built in 1976. Dolphin a.s has applied for an (AoC) for the facility. After modification, the plan is for the facility to go to the Norwegian shelf to carry out drilling operations for several operators, including DNO, which will use the facility first.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify that factors linked to maintenance management, technical safety and electrical systems were in compliance with regulatory requirements. The verification was implemented on the basis of the AoC application, as well as information received from Dolphin and the project team at the shipyard in Gdansk.

Result of the audit

The audit was characterized by the fact that the project was not proceeding in accordance with the plans and information provided by Dolphin. Several important nonconformities and improvement items were revealed during the audit.

The audit within the maintenance management discipline was limited due to extensive work and activities underway on board. The project was also experiencing problems in connecting to Dolphin's maintenance servers at the home office.

The result within maintenance management showed that extensive outstanding work remains before the system is operative. Various factors were revealed, such as deficient marking (tagging) of equipment (only 55-60% of the equipment was tagged) and necessary documentation for preparation of a maintenance program.

Within the areas of technical safety and electrical systems, there was little to note as regards the recently installed equipment, with the exception of in the living quarters where the work was not executed as professionally as desired, as well as cable inlets on the new shale shaker motors.

The other observations are mainly linked to old equipment that no longer maintains the proper regulatory standard, although there were no plans to replace the equipment before our audit. In our opinion, a great deal of work remains to bring the facility up to an acceptable level for operation.

We would note that the defects and deficiencies we have pointed out are examples, and that similar conditions may also prevail within several other areas of the facility.


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