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Audit of lifting equipment on Navion Saga

As part of the audit of Statoil's engineering and development of the Volve field, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of material handling on board the Volve FSU (Floating Storage Unit), Navion Saga, during the period 11-12 December 2006.

Navion Saga (kilde: Statoil)

The storage ship Navion Saga (pictured) is defined as a mobile facility and is governed under Section 3 of the Framework Regulations. The audit was conducted on the facility while it was docked at El Ferol in Spain.

Background for the audit

The Navion Saga will be used as a storage facility for produced oil on the Volve field. The ship has previously been used as a storage facility on the Yme field.

Hydra Marine in Kristiansand has manufactured and delivered a new offshore crane, which was installed in Spain.

The audit was conducted to verify facilitation of material handling on board. In March 2006, the PSA conducted an audit of the manufacturer in Kristiansand during which the specifications and standards used as a basis for design and manufacture of the crane were presented.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit was to verify compliance with current requirements for offshore cranes, commissioning, documentation and area of application.

Result of the audit

We identified several nonconformities in relation to the regulations and standards/norms for the offshore crane, in part related to the reach, capacity and access to the crane driver's cabin.

Documentation of the crane's certification and the initial inspection prior to use were deficient and, in part, lacking. The company was unable to document that it had approved the crane for lifting personnel in accordance with the prevailing requirements.

Orderliness and cleanliness on board were satisfactory.

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Mike Theiss