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Audit of electrical and safety systems at Kvitebjørn

In the period 13-15 March 2007, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway audited the electrical and safety systems at Kvitebjørn. We identified non-conformities, but the general impression we received as regards the audit topics was positive.

In connection with the audit we held conversations with relevant personnel, and we carried out tests and verifications of documents and facilities.

The audit emphasised

  • technical condition,
  • maintenance history,
  • Statoil's own audit of electrical facilities,
  • competence among skilled electrical personnel,
  • follow-up of temporary equipment,
  • functional testing of safety systems.

Background for the audit

The PSA is tasked with providing the premises for high health, safety and environment standards and following up the players in the petroleum activities to ensure that they maintain these standards, and thus contribute to create as much value for society at large as possible.

The PSA is also tasked with contributing to a reduction of the risk levels in the petroleum activities by following up the players to ensure that they facilitate technical and operational integrity, and following up the interaction between humans/technology/organisation in HSE-critical systems. Electrical and safety systems are key components in the technical barriers, and safeguarding these in a good manner is important for maintaining an acceptable risk level.

Kvitebjørn (kilde: Statoil)Purpose of the audit

Electrical facilities must be constructed, operated and maintained so that they do not pose a threat to life, health and material assets.

The purpose of the audit was to confirm that Statoil plans, manages and carries out its activities according to prevailing regulations and recognised norms relating to the operation and maintenance of electrical systems at Kvitebjørn (pictured).

Result of the audit

We received a generally positive impression as regards the audit topics. During the audit, we identified non-conformities with the regulations as regards keeping facility documents updated and following up temporary equipment on the facility. The non-conformities were not serious enough to warrant issuing an order.


Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss