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Audit of Alvheim - production, technical safety and electrical disciplines

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted verification activities on board the Alvheim production facility during the period 17-19 April 2007, when the facility was at a shipyard in Haugesund. The activities targeted factors related to production, technical safety and electrical disciplines.

The activities were conducted by means of document reviews, conversations and verifications on board the facility. The activities were part of the PSA's case processing in connection with the application from Maersk Contractors Norge AS (MCN) for an (AoC) for Alvheim.

Background for the audit

Alvheim was originally built as a tanker in 2001, under the name MST Odin. The ship was purchased by Marathon for modification into a production ship (FPSO) and its name was changed to Alvheim. The ship will be registered under the Norwegian flag and operated by MCN on behalf of Marathon. The facility will leave the workshop in Haugesund and sail to the Alvheim field.

FPSO Alvheim

FPSO Alvheim arrives in Haugesund (Source: Aibel)

Purpose of the audit

The objective of the task was to verify that factors related to electrical disciplines, production and technical safety were in accordance with regulatory requirements. The verification was performed on the basis of the AoC application and other relevant information received from MCN.

Result of the audit

The new modules were of consistently good quality. No new nonconformities were revealed, but some improvement areas were noted.

Measures to address previously noted nonconformities were either completed or in progress.

The verification was complicated somewhat by the fact that work was always underway. However, it appeared that the project had this under control, and the plan is to implement a final approval of the facility by means of full functional testing.

Marking/labeling in general was deficient, but MCN stated that this would be in order before production start-up.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss