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Reversingthetrend.com – new website on the PSA’s main issue for 2017

To help highlight its main issue for 2017, the PSA has launched a dedicated website on reversing the trend.

The site www.reversingthetrend.com provides information of the background to this initiative, what the PSA wants to achieve, and the three three areas of special attention covered by the main issue.

The main issue of reversing the trend applies for one year. Work on it will have a high priority with us and in the industry over coming months.

During 2017, we will be conducting a number of audits and technical assignments directed at efforts by the companies to reverse a worrying trend.

The effects of this commitment will be monitored and measured, both during the year and afterwards. Some results could be quickly achieved, while others will take longer to have an impact.

The goals of this commitment are to influence the industry and to achieve visible and measurable results.

Quite simply – the trend will be reversed.