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The PSA invites you to the Arctic Safety Summit in Tromsø – 2015. Don’t miss one of this year’s most important events on the Arctic.

As part of the PSA’s commitment to the Barents Sea, it is staging a three-day programme which aims to view opportunities for the region in relation to its safety aspects. An overall view, status, requirements, experience and challenges in the Arctic are key concerns.

28 October: Top Executive Conference for specially invited participants.

The Arctic Safety Summit 2015 will begin with a programme for 140 guests representing the most important decision-makers and policy shapers for safe and forward-looking operations in the far north.

Speakers will include Robert Eriksson, Norway’s minister of labour and social affairs, Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, director general of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, Tim Dodson, executive vice president for exploration at Statoil, Anne Myhrvold, PSA director general, Bente Nyland, director general of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Ruggero Gheller, chief executive of Eni Norge, Kristin Færøvik, chief executive of Lundin, Bernhard Krainer, chief executive of OMV Norge, Sturla Henriksen, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners Association, Arvid Hallén, director general of the Research Council of Norway, Helge Tangen, regional director at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Morten Hald, dean, University of Tromsø/Arctic University of Norway, and Henrik S Fjeldsbø, HSE manager, Industry Energy.

29-30 October: Technical and scientific conference organised jointly by the PSA and the University of Tromsø/Arctic University of Norway.

An exciting programme has been put together to illustrate a number of aspects of and challenges for the petroleum industry in the far north of the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). Status reports will also be provided on the most important safety-related projects currently under way.

Among a number of speakers will be Mark Fesmire, Alaska region director, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSSE), USA, Mike Tipton, professor, University of Portsmouth, UK, Torkjel Tveita, professor, UiT–Arctic University of Norway, Anne Myhrvold and Aud Nistov, manager HSE, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.

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