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Injuries and illness

We collect and systematise data, and apply tools that year by year measure the development in risk level.

Reported cases of work-related illness have been at a relatively stable level over the last few years, both in terms of numbers and types of illness. Musculoskeletal complaints and chronic hearing damage accounts for about 80 per cent of the cases.

The severity of the cases varies greatly, from acute, transient complaints to disabling, chronic diseases. Doctors have a duty to report work-related disease, and company doctors in particular focus on the connection between the working environment and disease.

Because many people consult their GP or other doctors with less knowledge of this field, one must expect considerable under-reporting. We see it as important that the companies have established good routines to spot possible work-related disease and implement preventive measures quickly.

Personal injuries in the past 
The companies report personal injuries following work accidents to us, where the data is processed. The category “serious personal injury” is one of many indicators used to describe the risk level on the Norwegian shelf.

The industry itself is keenly aware that all injuries can be prevented, and has formulated a “zero incident” vision in this matter.

The industry is carrying out a systematic improvement work where investigations and causal analysis play important parts. A continued reduction in the number of serious personal injuries must take place through a risk-based approach and be based on the management principles laid down in the regulations.