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ICRARD – International Commitee on Regulatory Research and Development

ICRARD (International Committee on Regulatory Research and Development) was formed in 1994 as an arena for sharing information and experiences in HSE research within petroleum acitivities.


American, Canadian, British and Norwegian authorities took the initiative, and over the years the authorities of other countries have joined the cooperation forum.

Global website
The website www.icrard.org was established in 2004. The website provides a global overview of research and development projects in the fields of health, safety and the environment (HSE) within the petroleum activities.

Unique search engine
A highlight of the www.icrard.org  is its advanced search engine, which is adjusted to only index selected websites in the individual member countries.

The search engine therefore provides a quick and effective overview of the research that has been done in the fields on which you want information, with related information on contact persons, associated research communities/projects, etc.