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Fees and sector fees: Refunded expenses

We are entitled to charge fees and sector fees for supervision and other follow-up of safety and the working environment in the petroleum sector.

New regulations on such charges were adopted by the Ministry of Labour on 8 January 2013. They replaced earlier provisions on the power to require the refunding of expenses incurred in supervision of safety and the working environment.

See section 66 of the framework regulations and the regulations of 8 January 2013 no 16 (in Norwegian only).

The new regulations permit us to charge fees for supervision (audits, etc) involving a specific enterprise. Fees can be charged to the enterprise subject to the supervision or where the supervisory activity is conducted.

Sector fees
Pursuant to the new regulations, we can charge sector fees for follow-up tasks covering all or part of the petroleum industry.

Sector fees can be charged to:

  • licensees, represented by the operator
  • owners of land-based plants, represented by the operator.

Such fees are allocated between the various players on the basis of formulas which we determine.