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Facts and statistics

Links to facts and statistics within our area of authority can be found here.

We have the regulatory responsibility for safety, working environment and emergency preparedness in the petroleum activities offshore and at land facilities. This means that we have updated information about incidents and development trends of importance to safety.

Facts and statistics within our area of authority:

  • Annual report – facts section
    The facts section deals with important results from our activities. Furthermore, the report contains brief information on personal injuries, work-related illness, leaks, fires and damage to structures and pipelines. There is also a brief statement regarding the authority's organisational matters.

    It may be beneficial to read the annual report, which is only published in a digital version, together with the publication entitled Safety - status and signals, which describes central HSE challenges in the oil and gas activities in a journalistic format.
  • RNNP: Trends in risk level
    The "Trends in risk level" (RNNP) was initiated in 1999/2000 to develop and apply a measurement tool to show the development in risk levels in the petroleum sector. The project focuses on personal risk, and comprises major accidents, work accidents and selected working environment factors and is based in part on data from 21 defined hazard and accident situations (DFUs). Qualitative indicators are also used to describe the development in risk levels.

    Annual reports are published from this project. The summary report is available both in hard copy and digitally, while the main report and other appendices are only published on our website. Results are normally presented in the last half of April each year.
  • Personal injuries on the Norwegian continental shelf
    We publish our statistics on the number of personal injuries on permanent and mobile installations.

    Report: Personal injuries 2008 - 2017
  • Damage and incidents involving load-bearing structures and pipeline systems
    We receive reports on damage to and incidents in connection with load-bearing structures and pipeline systems. The reports are organized in the "Corrosion and damage database (CODAM)". Overviews are prepared for reported damage and incidents for structures, pipelines and risers.

    Report: damage and incidents for structures, pipelines and risers

  • The DSYS diving data base
    All reported incidents are registered in a diving database. We publish annual reports from the diving database with statistics and analysis based on data from 1985 to the present.

    Report: Incidents in connection with diving 2016