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Collaboration with other agencies

We cooperate with a number of other government agencies. This collaboration is formalised through various arrangements and agreements.

We are responsible in the offshore petroleum industry for coordinating the work of other agencies which have an independent regulatory responsibility for health, safety and the environment.

Agreements on such coordination have been entered into with:

  • the Norwegian Environment Directorate (formerly the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency – Klif)
  • the Norwegian Board of Health
  • the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority.

In addition to these agencies, agreements have been entered into the following in relation to the land-based plants:

  • the Norwegian Coastal Authority
  • the Norwegian Industrial Safety and Security Organisation.

These coordination arrangement involves no changes to the formal authority of the various agencies to take decisions pursuant to prevailing legislation and delegated powers.

Support agreements
We have entered into agreements with other government agencies which do not have an independent responsibility in the petroleum industry. These provide us with support in areas where it is inappropriate for us to develop the necessary expertise ourselves.

Specialist support can thereby be obtained from:

  • the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning
  • the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority
  • the Norwegian Meteorological Institute
  • the Norwegian Maritime Authority
  • the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.

Other collaboration
We have also entered into collaboration agreements with:

  • the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  • the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
  • the police.

All these agencies have clear interfaces with us in terms of authority and responsibility.