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Barriers are used both to reduce the probability of undesirable incidents and to eliminate or limit the consequences of those which nevertheless occur.

An absolutely central goal is to prevent a major accident.

The design of installations and plants, choice of technology solutions with good inherent safety characteristics, and selection of effective barriers are all among the measures used to avoid undesirable incidents.

Petroleum operations in Norway make general use of modern risk management strategies and systems. An important element in these is the creation of several layers of barriers – safety systems and measures.

These are intended both to reduce the probability of such incidents and to limit their consequences.

Technical and operational barriers was for several years one of PSAs priority areas

Barriers and the "Trends in risk level"
An analysis of reported data on barriers forms part of the trends in risk level project.

Companies report barrier availability and reliability in the form of results from periodic tests of selected elements.

These analyses embrace barriers in the process area, ones related to marine systems and those intended to prevent structural failure.