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Audit of technical safety, maintenance management and emergency preparedness on Safe Scandinavia

On 15 and 16 September 2015, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway carried out an audit of Safe Scandinavia in connection with its conversion.

In addition to being an accommodation facility, Safe Scandinavia is to operate as a Tender Support Vessel (TSV). This means that the facility will be able to assist in production drilling on fixed installations by processing drilling mud and cuttings. 

The objective of the audit was to verify that Prosafe AS has implemented the necessary analyses and measures for ensuring that Safe Scandinavia complies with the regulations within the disciplines of technical safety, maintenance and emergency preparedness.

Non-conformities were identified in connection with:

  • Barrier strategies and performance standards
  • The maintenance system
  • Pressure safety valves (PSV)
  • Preservation
  • Activation of fire extinguishing systems
  • The emergency shutdown system
  • Risk and emergency preparedness analyses
  • Training and exercises
  • The raft stations
  • Evacuation routes

In addition, improvement points were identified in connection with:

  • Training
  • Use of fire extinguishing systems
  • Overpressure and underpressure
  • Competence

Prosafe AS has been given a deadline of 16 November 2015 to report on how the non-conformities and improvement points will be dealt with. 

Eileen Brundtland, press contact
Email: eileen.brundtland@ptil.no | +47 92 26 98 95