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Safety – status and signals -
New issue

Read more about the background to the PSA’s main issue for 2017. What is the position? What is needed to reverse the trend?

Audit reports

New report: How to define "Worst Credible Process Fire"?

Sintef has been commissioned by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway to perform a mapping and assessment of how the industry defines "Worst Credible Process Fire".

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Audit of Åsgard B

We have carried out an audit of how Statoil is following up load-bearing structures and maritime systems on the Åsgard B facility.

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Audit of managed pressure drilling at Lundin

Managed pressure drilling (MPD) is a relatively new drilling method. We have conducted an audit of how Lundin and the companies involved are meeting the regulatory requirements in respect of drilling.

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Audit of Grane

We have carried out an audit of electrical installations and technical safety at Grane.

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Background for Reversing the trend

The PSA is concerned. It sees that safety trends have taken a wrong turn in a number of areas. Words must now become deeds. This trend is to be reversed – and time is short.

Reversing the trend - Standardisation

The Norwegian petroleum sector has been very advanced in its use of standards. Developments can now be seen which threaten the foundations on which the performance-based regulations build.

Reversing the trend - Collaboration

Partnership between companies, unions and the government is a cornerstone of Norway’s petroleum sector, not least with regard to health, safety and the environment. But its quality depends on mutual trust.

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